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What Are The Most Popular Pedicures In Nail Salons?

These best pedicure services could prove that investing in a luxurious pedicure is a smart decision.

Highly trained pedicurists will perform these pedicures perfectly on your feet and give you good advice on how to take care of your feet and toes.

You can book a pedi appointment at a trusted day spa and try some popular pedicures, such as: Spa Pedicure, Classic Pedicure, Herbal Pedicure, Deluxe Pedicure, Hot Stone Pedicure, Regular Pedicure, Paraffin Pedicure, French Pedicure, and so on.

A professional pedicure is a great way to transform your uneven skin to smooth skin, calm your senses and boost confidence. So, it’s important to treat your feet to an authentic pedi service at a top-notch beauty salon.



This pedicure will provide you with soaking in the warm water. After that, you will have cuticle care, nail trimming, shaping, callus removal and special with lavender sugar scrub to remove the dead skin, lotion massage and lastly paint with regular polish.


This pedicure will provide you with cuticle care, nail trimming, shaping, callus removal. Additional, sugar scrub to remove dead skin, plus paraffin wax and hot towels to soften your skin, paint with regular polish.


This pedicure will moisturize, detox and heal your feet Your choices of different scents. Also, it includes sugar scrub with fresh orange to remove dead skin, hot towels and paraffin wax to soften your skin.


A unique pedicure experience that gives your skin a detoxifying and rejuvenating treatment. This service starts with the "Volcano Eruption”, a fun, bubbling and fizzing bath that will blast away dirt and impurities. Your choices of different scents. This could boost your skin from drying to softening. It comes with 5 steps plus the hot stone massage, using fresh orange with sugar scrub to remove dead skin.


This Jelly Pedicure creates a luxurious experience by transforming warm water into a soft, translucent, fluffy jelly that will melt the stress and anxiety away while removing toxins and stimulating blood circulation to relax your muscles. The treatment includes foot soak with Jelly and your choice of scent to detox your feet, the best way to heal them from the dryness. It also has its own packet and hot stone massages, fresh orange with sugar scrub to remove dead skin.

Gel Polish Extra $15
French $5

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